A downloadable game for Windows

Red, just wanting to make a simple home cooked meal for his wife. He finds himself in an strange situation. Upon his way home, he gets knocked unconscious by a mentally handicap man who mistook him for a deer. Teddy and Jack help Red to health and return him back home trying to make amends with him. They find that Red's wife isn't home and no one seems to know where she is, Red will go anywhere and through anything to find her.

This is just a Demo of Dearly Beloved and the full game will be released soon!

The full game will include 25+ hours of gameplay!

More characters, more spells, more enemies, more dungeons, more items, more story development! More everything!

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions/feedback please let me know!

Install instructions

To download you'll have to allow the "Download" button to take you to mediafire to download the demo.

1). Extract the Dearly Beloved.zip file

2). Run the Game.exe

3). Enjoy!




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Nice work on this game! I love the characters, they seem very realistic and have realistic personality's! It's very original and creative, the scenery is very nice, gameplay is smooth and very enjoyable. It's just an all around terrific game!

9/10 would get punched again!

A-maz-ing! I can't wait for the full version to be released! :D